Carbon to
industrial minerals

The only system that converts carbon dioxide into valuable minerals & oxygen

Carbon to
quality fertilizer

Flexible treatment chemistries allow for creation of in-demand fertilizers to feed the world

Pure strengths

Capture from the source

Point of Source capture of high concentration CO2 flows

Breakthrough mineralization

Extreme kinetic advantages of superoxide radical – the strongest oxidizer in nature

CO2 to O2

The only system that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen

Carbon to value

Valuable mineral endproducts used across industrial, fertilizer and food industries

UL Tested

Industrial carbon capture device was tested and proven for up to 18% CO2


Sale of minerals creates opportunities for profitable carbon capture

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Dynamic tech for a changing world
Airovation’s superoxide based CO2 to mineral conversion technology creates high purity carbonates and bicarbonates. The sale of these carbon negative, valuable end-products creates profitable carbon capture opportunities in various heavy industries. The core technology was tested and proven at the UL Laboratories in Chicago, IL on high concentration CO2 streams

Carbon problem
by numbers.

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Tons of CO2 emitted
each year

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Required reduction to stabilize climate change

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Global temperature impact by 2060 with no climate policies

Airovation turns
CO2 into value

Airovation Technologies is an innovative Air-Tech company which provides original, patented air purification and carbon capture solutions. Based on 15 years of R&D at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and proven at the UL Laboratories, the core technology can efficiently and economically capture and convert high concentration CO2 streams into valuable carbonate and bicarbonate mineral end-products.

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