CO2 to O2

The only system that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen


Empirically proven elimination
of viruses and bacteria

Airovation indoor air technology

Beyond filter

Treats gas molecules and pathogens that pass through HEPA filters

On-demand treatment

Indoor CO2 levels optimized by on-board sensors that adjust reaction in real time

Product as a service

Easy to use, replaceable cartridges for clean, healthy and oxygen rich air

CO2 & VOCs into Oxygen

Incredible transformation of indoor CO2, and VOCs into fresh oxygen 

Pure performance

Increase cognitive performance by creating low-CO2 environments

Safe and healthy air

99.97% elimination of Coronavirus and airborne bacteria in 3rd party testing

Health. Performance. Well-being.

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High levels of CO2, VOCs, molds, allergens and microbiologicals pollute our indoor spaces. Not anymore.

With Airovation's breakthrough purification reactors inside of next generation home purifiers, home and hearth have never been healthier and safer 



Stay sharp and stay ahead. Research indicates that high levels of indoor CO2 impairs cognitive performance.

Offices also are breeding grounds for disease spread. Keep healthy with an air purification technology tested and proven to eliminate coronavirus and other dangerous microbiological threats while creating oxygen rich work environments

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The new normal of travel requires a new normal of air sanitation. Integrating Airovation’s air purifiers

creates healthy and safe indoor spaces for a re-opening world

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Healthy people need healthy homes and healthy buildings. VOC and CO2 buildup as well as the ever present threat

of infections makes air purification the critical factor in empowering the health revolution

It's an indoor air
pollution problem.

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90% of world's population is exposed to dangerous levels
of pollution

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8.8 million people die every year from respiratory illnesses resulting from air pollution

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People spend 87% of their day in interior spaces

Airovation inside

Airovation Technologies’ partners with leading global home appliance companies to develop integrated products featuring Airovation’s breakthrough CO2 into Oxygen purification. Currently in development with top brands in South Korea and Europe, stay tuned for next generation air purifiers that go where no air purifier has gone before

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